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Andrew Paul Kizito

CEO - Qweek Start Media


Unleashing the Power of QweekStart

QweekStart is a platform that brings together people of color and minorities in business, education, philanthropy, entertainment and the arts. They come together to network and extend their reach and build more business opportunities.

Networking and Collaboration

QweekStart connects people of color and minorities across various fields. This fosters a powerful network where entrepreneurs, educators, philanthropists, and creatives can meet, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. This cross-pollination of knowledge and experience can lead to innovative solutions and breakthroughs.

Empowerment and Mentorship

By providing a platform for success stories and journeys of people of color, QweekStart empowers attendees. Seeing others succeed can inspire and motivate individuals to pursue their own goals. Additionally, established professionals can mentor and guide up-and-coming talent within the community.

Increased Opportunities

QweekStart helps bridge the gap between potential and reality. By facilitating connections and showcasing talent, the platform can open doors to new business ventures, educational opportunities, philanthropic partnerships, and even careers in entertainment and the arts.

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Our theme "Opportunity in Adversity"

The QweekStart conference theme, “Opportunity in adversity,” points our focus on how to find and leverage success even in challenging circumstances. This is particularly relevant to people of color and minorities who may face systemic barriers.

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Featured QweekStart Speakers.

Ruth Nabiddo

Entrepreneur / Financial Services

Robinah Kasujja Nantale

Real Estate Investor

Nasar Kasirye

Cyber Security Expert

Rogers Muyanja

Financial Services Specialist

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